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Beta 4. how it went...

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Beta 4. how it went...

Post by Tolgeranth on Mon Jan 10, 2011 9:47 pm

As you all know, Aneer and I are going to play rifts and this beta evet just solidified it. This game is all that and more. I made a Warrior (Reaver,Warlord,Champion spec) as my main, and Aneer made a Cleric (Justicar,Shaman,Druid) as her main. We both made alts on the defiant side on other servers she made a mage (Warlock, Chloromancer,Pyromancer) that she had alot of fun. I made a rogue (ranger,marksman,assasin) that was very effective. Both very squishy but the pets can keep spawn away while you pick tem off.

All 4 toons were lvled out of the noob area, but the mains were 19 when beta closed. We lost most of saturday because we had to buy a new laptop for Aneer, this gam ein beta is very,very hard to run, you need a good video card. Some of the issue is beta, debug and no optimization but if you watch the video ANeer posted you can see why game needs a strong video card.

We did a tonne of quests, did probably 20 rift invasions, crafted armour and wands. Crafting is necessary and well thought out. Not too time intensive, but still needed some thought to plan accordingly. It is very.very similiar to WoW and you do alot of gear changing. Gear is soubound so after you wear it you have to sell it, or salvage it for raw materials.

You can lvl solo but it is slower than in party. There is so many quests you can lvl by choosing solo appropriate quests, but the tougher ones need a group. With just the two of us, me as tank and Aneer as tank, off healer we rarely died during quests. Doing rift invasions, we died alot, the mobs are smarter than LC, they bastards like to zerg.

So the point of this beta 4 was the PvP. This introduced the Warfronts, a instanced PVP encounter that are lvl appropriate and part of your quests. We did the 10-19 warfront and violated the Defiant. It is group or PUG, if you don't have enough players it just waits until you do, took less than a minute to fill.

I did not die once, I killed 5-6 mages and 1 lvl 12 warrior. My Warlord build has a drawing ability like the TK's Telekinesis, pull mage to me, and pk the bastard, I could rotate it with my Champion charge ability (like the RK Dash ability) so I could literaly jump the length of the battlefield and pk the squishy's.

We got some goodies from the win. Too bad we did not notice the big green quest symbol above the person beside the War Front dude. We picked the quests up after the War Front so will go back when beta 5 starts. Should be even better now, we are both lvl 19.

We also had an open world PvP encounter, a defiant lvl 27 (max lvl for this beta) warrior came to kill some noobs. Jumped us but was 5 of us lvl 15-17 in the area and we pked him. He did not manage to kill anyone but the mobs got Aneer while fighting him.

I cannot stress how fun this game is, it was fascinating and a stark contrast in how bad LC actually is. If you have any questions post and Aneer and I will answear or ask in GSC, we set up a Rift channel.

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Re: Beta 4. how it went...

Post by Aneerhas/Sharanth on Tue Jan 11, 2011 2:29 pm

Had so much fun did bunch of quest, Rift Invasions,instanced pvp, crafted wand as part of my quest, made lesser potions, mana potions some of it needed for my quests too..
Before Beta 4 was over, I had few hours to play.Did few things solo since Kyle was working. Went to the City to check out the Rift Invasion , got an invite to join someone elses party & rolled in with them did few more & got to lvl 19. Logged into my mage toon I made on the defiant side did few mins of quest & got dced!!!Beta 4 is over!Me want to play moreeee lol
Overall was much fun & can't wait for next beta.
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