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Work Orders

Post by KillMachine/Keilia on Mon Jan 10, 2011 3:01 pm

It's much easier to level the crafting, morphing, cooking, etc. skills with work orders. It also cuts down on the space needed in your warehouse for materials to craft items. It does however require a bit of gold for each 10 levels you go up ay which point it'd be best to get some recipes and start crafting your own items with materials you've farmed.

I'm going to max my essence tapping/aether tapping out on my chanter as far as I can and just sell most of the materials in the broker as it is a good way to make kinah.

My Sorc is going to be Tailor/Morph. My SM is going to be Handicraft/Alchemy. My Glad will be Weapon/Armor. I'll pick up Cooking on my cleric and hope to get making some cool stuff for us to use.
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