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Beta Screen Shots

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Re: Beta Screen Shots

Post by Aneerhas/Sharanth on Mon Feb 07, 2011 3:44 pm


Got the Hag curse:

Chatting with Defiant outside Foul Cascade:

1st Guild Group to kill lvl 50 NPC:
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Re: Beta Screen Shots

Post by WereMonger on Tue Feb 08, 2011 12:11 am

Tolg, Amaali and I were questing in the Scarlet Gorge area when we came across a lvl 30 and a lvl 50 Defiant NPC. We thought what the hell and tried it. We killed the lvl 30 with ease but we only got the lvl 50 NPc down to half health before our arses was handed to us.

Soooooooooo. We called in the troops and not once, not twice, but three times did our guild take them both out!!!!

At first nothing appeared to have dropped. But as Amaali and I were heading back to questing she made the statement that something did drop and I had received it.

So I looked in my bags and looked in the chat box and low and behold something did drop!

It was a Legendary Scroll of Intelligence for lvl 45 and up.

I dont know who (shardwise) saw the chat, but Tuathadea got a server/shard first!
I also dont know if we were the first guild to sucessfully find/defeat those two mobs either. I sorta looked on beta forums but didnt see anything about it.

I also didnt post anything cause I wsnt for sure if anyone else was going to post it on beta forums. We should have been able to destroy the defiant machine as well

Sad thing is none of us can use it. i still have it though LOL

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