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Post by Bluegrass on Tue Dec 27, 2011 12:41 pm

We are now a week into launch, and it looks like our "core" is here now. As we progress, what does everyone want from this game? What are your goals? What are your thoughts about life after hitting max level?

Me, I love the game. My few gripes would be that it really feels like a single player game with pvp. There is little need to interact with anyone, the inclusion of companions makes the game a breeze. The flash points are nice, but I think I have only done 3-4 since I started. Crafting is very easy, the items you can make are as good if not better then flash point loot.

Max level I would like to raid. With Rift, the timezones, peoples play times, just never synced up with me. I am hoping that now we are on an EST server I can find people to run with if we cant work out the time differences.
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Re: Expectations

Post by Tolgeranth on Wed Dec 28, 2011 11:01 am

We have been pretty much doing what your doing. I have done each instance as I level up. Skipped Nar Shadaa, and will skip Alderaan because I have overleveled content. I will do them when I make my alt. The plan is the same as rift, to raid. We finally did manage to do it, but due to being in someone else's guild we did not continue.

To be fair , my busy time will start in a few days and continue until early April. I will then have a couple months off. You guys may have to organize things for endgame.
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