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My take on beta 6

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My take on beta 6

Post by Tolgeranth on Mon Feb 07, 2011 9:09 pm

Beta is is done and gone.

I managed to get to 32, and did a tonne of questing. Questing in the contested zones is very fun. Not conducive to solo or even 2 person groups though. The machine spawned infidels have the exact same quests as we do once you get towards the middle of the scarlets gorge. Alot of fun, but you have to be prepared, we died alot but also killed them. We did get alot of quests though, 3 man worked fairly well.

Not all jumped us, we even danced with one outside the Foul Cascade. Some were trying to do quests and we jumped them, was good fun. We got killed by a group, and then we all ran back, and rezz'ed togther and jumped some poor defiant. He must have though, where the **** did they come from Smile.

We did the second dungeon darkening deep, hard but alot of xp and some great 20's gear.

We also had 4 server firsts (that I know of). Austin (Masterofwepons) and I were werewolves (part of a quest) and we could not access any towns/merchants etc.. Austin had it in his head to attack them, and we managed to kill 2 and I managed to get the last hit so I received 2 server firsts. The next one was when 9 of us formed a raid and attacked a lvl 50, and 30 something Defiant NPC's that Arix, Were, and I stumbled upon while questing at the beginning of Scarlets gorge. We tried to kill them, but we died. All the guildies that were on came using the guild rally system (ability to teleport guild members to guild banner), except for TheSeraph he was in Realm of the Fae.

We rolled the npc's and Kinya (Aneerhas) got the kill shot, and the first on the server. She was in her healer build, so it is very surprising, I expected Arix, Miaa, Cricket, or Elchuchu to get the kill shot. Were got the drop, first on the server, an Intelligence scroll for lvl 45 and up.

We had alot of fun. The biggest thing I do not like about Rift is the chat system is next to useless. I had to turn off the lvl 1-9 chat, I was missing too many messages. It helped a bit, but frankly you need Vent if you really want to communicate, I probably still missed alot of messages.
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Re: My take on beta 6

Post by Maug on Mon Feb 07, 2011 10:15 pm

Beta 6 had some changes that effected the cleric mostly, they were pretty powerful in beta 5 and nerfed some in beta 6, this really effect the melee and dps clerics the healing cleric were not really effected. Due to the changes I spent over 4 plat changing my spec over and over to find a good one that worked well. I finally got one that worked well killing regular mobs and I just went healer in PvP since they were not really effected to much. I hope to try the other callings in open beta 7.
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